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I've been in the industry of health since 2005 and started out with my Bachelor in food & nutrition science at North Carolina University. I quickly realized that this occupation is complex so I decided to do complement my education with behavioral neurology (Penn State University). During my carrer I have done nomerous courses in the field of health and is always up for updating my base of knowledge.

My work is multidimensional - I do at least 400-600 hours/ year with clients. My clientel ranges from average joes - Olympic athletes. The review I hear the most in my work as a coach is that I create the results people are striving for. Complex but not complicated - the solution is not always physical. I work with my four domains in health - mindset, nutrition, recovery and movement since it is all interconnected. Aside from my practical work with clients I also lecture and educate other health professionals for Evidensbaseradpraktik.

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