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"I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for him" - Kim Anderson voted best handball player in the World.

Aftobladet , 2014

Personal Trainer of the year 2011, Sweden based on two criterias; Citizens vote and jury vote.

" The price goes to a person who does not only love lactic acid but who also brings the best out of you. With his great intuition skills, perfectionistic & professional approach to human health, Seth Ronland is awarded the golden heart of the year."

FitnessFestivalen 2011

"Seth Ronlands Mentorship program was a great investment. It helped me to grow both as a person and my business. He delivered sharp questions to me which made me think. With concrete action plans and follow up I was able to adjust and make a change which has made an impact on my life forever"

Mathias, 2016

TRX Award - Physical

" Seth Ronland is a person which not only has a wealth of knowledge, but also a wealth of physique. We are proud to have Seth with us as a Master Trainer and a very appricated educator by our instructors."


"...I connected with Seth after my second sequence of severe low back pain. I was litteraly crawling on my floor at home, not able to help my wife with my kids. He started to take me through his wholeness training and the results were fast. It was obvious that his was what I needed. Today I can run, lift and train like I never had any problems with my back.


Awarded role model of the year in the Swedish health industry (fitnessfestivalen 2017). 


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