Recovery is the combination of movement, nutrition and mindset. Since it is all interconnected a well designed plan is a great way to start gaining appriciation for my "wholeness" concept.

Designing a great plan is based on understanding of the individual. Therefore we must work together as a team where I act as the conducter and the client as the musician. It is a learning environment for both of us since there is individuality which has to be appriciated to find the optimal solution.



Movement is mechanical information to your cells. Training should be multidimensional, fun and varied. As a matter of fact all periodization is variation and nothing else. My philosophy have evolved from my professional experience, education and patterns from the best. Movement can be medicine, but it can also be destructive. It is vital to build a foundation for every individual client based on the want and needs analysis. My experience range from pure cosmetic goals, chronic pain to optimization of performance in the olympic athletes.


Food is chemical communication with your cells. Food should be a healthy combination of quality, time and palatability. Depending on how our unique life is playing many people in my opinion need a structure. We are blessed to live in a time where there are easy ways to eat healthy. For many people they need to be enlightend about the how, what and when.


Our mindset is communicated as perception to our cells. This invietly brings up a very interesting view; what we think can become the best thing for our bodies or the opposite. Since I started my carrer the understanding of how the mind affects the body in performance, pain and longevity has changed drastically. Today it is science, yesteraday it was "chinese medicine". I use assessments on all my clients to gain access to their personality traits coupled with sharp anamesis.

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